6 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Make Your Perfumes Last Longer

A bottle of fragrance can be really expensive, so here are 6 perfume hacks to make your fragrances last longer.  

You've spent heaps on a designer perfume and you're saving it for special occasions. We understand. Authentic fragrances can be costly investments for a lot of people, but is there any way to make your perfumes last longer without having to reapply all the time? 

Spritzing on a perfume every 3 to 4 hours just isn't economical. If you’re looking to smell good for extended periods, you’ve probably lugged your perfume around all the time (Perfume in a Box makes this easy with our convenient twist and spray bottles). But what if there’s a way to extend your perfume’s scent? 

You're in luck today 'cause we're letting you in on a little secret: the way you're applying your perfume, (and where you're applying them) can have considerable effects on its longevity. Follow these easy fragrance hacks to extend your perfumes' staying power for hours and help you get the most bang for your buck. 

1. Apply perfume after a shower

Apply perfume after shower

Right after a shower, your skin is at its most moisturized and prepped for fragrances. Spritzing scents after a rubdown gives your perfumes the moisture it needs to cling to, considerably upping its staying power! 

2. Moisturize before applying perfume 

Moisturize before applying perfume

Dry skin is a perfume's worst enemy - so avoid spritzing on your frags over dry and chapped skin. You're looking for your perfume's essentials oils to soak into your skin instead of evaporating away, so before spraying scents on your pulse points, try applying Vaseline or petroleum jelly over them first. This gives your perfumes more clinging power! 

3. Don't rub your wrists together

Rubbing wrists after perfume

Rubbing your wrists together after spraying perfume on them is an age-old practice that needs to retire. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't maximize your scent's staying power at all, but forces the top notes of your perfume to break down faster. Let your perfume sit on your pulse points and do its own thing!  

4. Target your pulse points

Perfume pulse points

Did you know that body heat intensifies your perfume's fragrance, helping diffuse, magnify, and amplify it? This is exactly why spraying perfume on pulse points has been common practice for decades. 

Your pulse points radiate the warmth that perfumes need to release fragrances more effectively. Spray on the inside of your elbows, chest area, neck area, behind your knees, ankles, and calves! 

5. Keep your perfume box

Perfume box

Perfumes need to be stored away from heat and direct sunlight as they break down the essential oils and degrade the fragrance. Thankfully, we send all our perfumes in stylish boxes, so you can keep your spray bottles safely stored away until you use them! 

6. Don’t shake your perfumes

Holding a perfume bottle

Perfumes must be kept away from open air as much as possible to preserve their longevity. Shaking your perfumes can cause air bubbles to form within the liquid, exposing its delicate elements to harmful air. Handle your perfumes with care and keep them stationary!